Welcome to PHK Investments

PHK is a Digital Marketing Agency for public companies. PHK invests in these hand picked companies, produces media content to explain where the value is and uses its network/database to deliver this content to investors directly or finds those who can. We will only work with companies that we genuinely believe to be undervalued, so we also provide value to investors.

Advertising the Stock Market

In today’s fast moving and limited attention span society, the old ways of communicating with an audience overloaded with excessive information flows all competing for limited audience attention capacity are no longer effective.

A 15 minute video showcasing your company is a video that virtually nobody will watch. In contrast, several one-minute max shorts with the key points succinctly set out, is far more likely to be viewed to the end.


Account managing and content creation

Twitter, YouTube, Stocktwits and LinkedIn.

1 minute video "shorts"

Company highlights to be posted to YouTube, TikTok & Instagram after video editing.

Video Trailers & Websites

Brand identity online, company jingle and music video to be used in advertisement.


Google ads & email campaigns tailored specifically to people interested in finance.

Affiliate Marketing

Contests and giveaways on social media to drive engagement for the social algo's and trend on Stocktwits.

Influencer Marketing

Dedicated content about your company and/or sponsored segments advertising an event.


Shows, events and interviews can be filmed and posted as long form content and recycled into shorts.


Authors, analysts and asset management companies interested in your sector.

Funding & Market Making

We can offer funding linked to the value of your shares, taking 5% of funds we raise. Our marketing strategy should increase your shares' value. If requested we can engage in principal trading to acquire any loose stock that may be undervalued.


Google slide/Powerpoint presentations, perfect when making approaches for coverage or investment and aiding our other services.


Drawing your company to the attention of high net-worth investors, LinkedIn connections, as well as collaborations with listed companies including potential share swaps.

Our Unique Selling point

PHK stands out due to our knowledge on how to accurately value public companies and ability to spot gems, almost no other marketing agency has this skill, they stay away from this sector. We enjoy making video trailers that tell impressive stories, for investors but also made by investors…

We have a unique relationship with many financial influencers and an email database with tens of thousands of leads from active Instagram investors, who in their own right have large followings, email marketing has the highest ROI at 36-43x! It is the most overlooked outreach strategy despite being most effective. We harness AI to automate and personalise campaigns…

We will be working with you because we will have done the long hours of research into your story that most will not do, so that we can simplify and amplify your message. Furthermore, 50% of our fees can be paid in shares of your company, either by receiving shares for our services or by agreeing to use 50% of any cash that we receive to purchase the company’s shares, so that our goals and your goals are fully aligned…

We will only work with companies that we genuinely believe to be undervalued and where we can help to re-rate the company.

Content Specialists

We will take your “long form content” edit, reuse and recycle footage and voice recordings then supply investors with a condensed education of your business and entertaining highlights through social media posts, YouTube shorts and Trailers which can also be used in paid adverts or influencer campaigns (see case study). 

For the first 2-3 months it is best to produce the content and to build a trustworthy online presence with credibility, also allowing us to measure natural reach and use existing investors as a focus group – before beginning a full campaign. The content needs to exist before a campaign can be properly effective, especially in this market.