When it comes to marketing, pricing is a critical element that can make or break your strategy. Our pricing for marketing services is designed to provide maximum value to our clients while remaining competitive within the industry. We offer a range of pricing options tailored to meet the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes. Ask us about paying 50% in shares, to align our goals further.


Simplify (£4,835 per month)

Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and Stocktwits account managing and content creation, other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok can be requested, however we feel these are less effective for public companies.

YouTube Shorts – 1 minute content with the aim to educate or entertain. Upon payment we will immediately go through all appropriate existing material and recycle the best content. Future content will be produced in line with your press releases and interview activity levels.

New website, logo/designs if needed.

Amplify (£6,875 per month)

Company video trailer with a jingle, to be used in google ads and email campaigns.

Approaching Influencers, authors of financial articles, analysts and asset management companies.

We will advise you which ones to use that are free of charge and which ones will require additional payment to secure coverage.

Solidify  (£9,925 per month plus 5% of funds raised)

Principal trading.

Providing or arranging funding.

Highly attractive Investment opportunities.

Negotiating and arranging share swaps.

Ideas for shows/events, to be filmed as long form content and later recycled into shorts

Contract & Onboarding document available upon request/payment